The ultimate judgment regarding whether a BP measurement device meets the requisite VDL Criteria rests with the Independent Review Committee and is not in any way determined or influenced by the AMA.

The AMA does not receive funding from any device manufacturer or other third party in relation to the development of the VDL Criteria or VDL process.*


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    Clinical guidelines call for the user of an upper arm blood pressure (BP) measurement device that has been validated for clinical accuracy for self-measured blood pressure (SMBP). However, a validated wrist cuff blood pressure (BP) device may be used in place of an upper arm device for certain clinical indications, specific patient needs, or additional circumstances (eg, upper arm cuff not suitable for patient arm circumference, unavailability of devices with the appropriate small, large or extra large size cuffs, medical conditions where upper arm devices cannot or should not be used).Proper technique is especially important when using a wrist cuff device to obtain accurate readings. The device must be correctly placed over the radial artery and held at heart level when readings are taken, with limited movement or wrist flexion.

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  • ANSI/AAMI SP10:2002
  • BHS Revised Protocol: 1993
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Our validation process

The Independent Review Committee, comprised of physician experts, assesses if a BP device satisfies the VDL Criteria for validation of clinical accuracy. Devices that meet the Criteria are then published on the listing page. Devices are regularly reviewed and added through this independent process.

The VDL does list devices that measure other biometrics. It is important to note that for those devices, only the BP measurement components have been reviewed for validation of clinical accuracy.

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Clinical note: Devices listed for use at home are validated for the population tested and may not always provide accurate BP measurements for a specific individual. Whenever practical, patients are encouraged to bring their home BP devices to the physician's office or other qualified health care