US Blood Pressure Validated Device Listing (VDL™)

The ultimate judgment regarding whether a BP measurement device meets the requisite VDL Criteria rests with the Independent Review Committee and is not in any way determined or influenced by the AMA. The AMA does not receive funding from any device manufacturer or other third party in relation to the development of the VDL Criteria or VDL process.*

Note: Additional devices may be added to the VDL in the future through successive application and review processes as more devices are submitted and reviewed by the Independent Review Committee. Clinical Disclaimer: Devices on this list for use at home are validated for clinical accuracy for the population tested and may not always provide accurate BP measurements for a specific individual. Whenever practical, patients are encouraged to bring their home BP devices to the physician’s office or some other qualified health care facility for comparison with an accurate device. *Protocol Disclaimer: Protocol did not require detailed reporting on arm and cuff sizes. Device met all requirements, but it is unclear if valid with larger arm circumferences.

Submission for Manufacturers

The process for submitting a BP measurement device to be considered for the VDL is easy.

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