Submit a device for review

It is essential to providers and patients that the VDL contains all validated devices currently available on the market. Device manufacturers, and organizations with manufacturing partners, are strongly encouraged to review the VDL Criteria and submit the required documentation for consideration. The VDL will be updated following each Independent Review Committee cycle to include all BP devices that meet the VDL Criteria.

Manufacturers may now submit their BP device information for review by the Independent Review Committee at any time. Contact to receive instructions for submission.

Contact for Submission Download VDL Criteria
An invitation from the National Opinion Research Center at the University of Chicago (NORC), and potential acceptance on US Blood Pressure Validated Device Listing ("VDL"), does not constitute an endorsement of a BP device manufacturer’s company, products, or services by the American Medical Association ("AMA"). Manufacturers, their affiliates, and any of their partners are prohibited from using the AMA and NORC names, logos, or trademarks in any marketing or promotional materials, including but not limited to press releases, blogs, advertising materials, or other similar publications, whether written or oral. Manufacturers will receive additional guidelines if any of their devices are approved for listing on the VDL by the Independent Review Committee.